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eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its been a wee while since my last post,I am just sitting idly at home enjoying some relaxing time to myself, Liz has gone off to bed early feeling a bit tired.I thought I would share with you whats going on in my side of the pond.Well first off I put my home up for sale about two weeks ago,it was sold within one week,I got quite a bit more than its current market value,surprisingly so,I think its partially to do with its location,Cairnhill is regarded locally as the posh part of Airdrie,not that for one minute anyone that knows me would regard me as posh,is'nt that right Katie?.

My daughter Jennifer continues well in her pregnancy,she is due around the 17th of October,we know its going to be a boy,Iam so looking forward to welcoming a new member of our family into the world.Jennifer will be starting her maternity leave from school in couple of weeks.I am planning a holiday in Spain at the end of September we will spend some of our time there looking at property for sale.Our Scottish summer is drawing to a close think we got about 10 sunny days from last May,which even for Scotland was extremely poor,so a wee house in Spain will augment my sunshine exposure.

I have been following lightly. I may add the Presidential Campaign being run in the USA,seems its all a bit neck and neck at the moment,not that I am over enamoured with the choice of candidates you have on offer.It was by coincidence I was dxd with LC at the time he was elected  in Nov 2008, I never thought for one minute I would live long enough to to see how his administration would pan out.I am so blessed I even got to see him serving two terms,which I think on reflection,he is going to be a hard act to follow.

Time for bed,goodnight everyone.

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Great to hear from you Eric.  It has been a long time.

Spain!  Well that is a big change weather wise from Scotland.  We've spent a lot of time vacationing in Spain and are amazed to see the number of UK folks living in the towns and villages.  

Stay well and good luck house hunting.

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Thanks Tom,

Thinking about spending a week in Albir just a few miles north of Benidorm at the end of the month.My daughters baby is due around the 17th of Oct so I am cutting things a bit neat.We love Albir,with Benidorm a 10 minute bus ride away,we can enjoy a bit of night life there,wonderful place due to the wide range of things to do there.We will be looking in  a few estate windows whilst we are there,maybe go and view some properties also.Brexit has been a bit of a bummer for us in that the pound has fell against the euro by more than 10%.More importantly is the UKs reciprocal free health care agreement we have with the EU,if we need healthcare in Spain we just produce the EU healthcard and we can have all our needs met without having to pay,if the agreement is recinded by the UKs EU Brexit we may have to take out private medical insurance.When I look at that particular method as it operates in the USA,it just gives me the shivers.Problem is we wont know perhaps for another 3 to 4 years how Brexit will pan with the rest of the EU countries.The annoying thing is nearly two thirds of Scots wanted to stay within the EU,it was the English that voted to leave.Scotland is trying to get the EU to allow us to continue with our membership despite England leaving,however Spain is dead against it because they have problems with Catalonia and the Basque areas wanting to become independent,and if these countries see Scotland getting preferential treatment,Spain would be put in a impossible position by refusing their claims.

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