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How to Report Inappropriate Posts/Messages


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It has come to our attention that a user claiming to be an oncologist turned alternative and integrative medicine practitioner has sent personal messages with inappropriate content to at least 22 users. This is a direct violation of the Terms of Use of this site. We apologize to the LCSC members who were contacted by this person. Thank you to the LCSC users who reported these actions. The user has been banned and the administrators are working to make sure that person cannot access the site.

If you receive any inappropriate message, please report it to the administrators so that we can take action to block that user and maintain the integrity of this site.

To report a post:

  1. Click Report Post in the dateline of the post
  2. You have the option to add a message explaining why you are reporting the post
  3. Click Submit Report

To report a message:

  1. Click Report in the dateline of the conversation
  2. You have the option to add a message explaining why you are reporting the message
  3. Click Submit

Thank you for helping to keep LCSC a safe and supportive space for our 11,200 members.

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