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Karen Smith

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  HI to all  who are reading this  I am the care giver for my husband of 42 years  he was  diagnosed in March of 2016 so far things have gone smoothly  started out on Carbo/Altimia  it worked for a while and shrunk his tommers  by a large amount  then they entered him into a maintenance  program of  Altimia & Avastin for the last 3 months  not working  some have grown and  two lymph nodes are involed   Now the ONC is moving him over to Opdivo , he has been very lucky so for only mild side affects but I have read so much about this drug and am hoping it works  any one have any experiance with it this one ? 

sorry for the spelling errors and thanks for any feedback


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I was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer 1/13/16. I had 10 sessions of radiation for cancer in my hips and 6 sessions of taxol/carbo. The hips are healing and the pain is minimal. CT scan showed the tumor on my lung and the tumor on my sternum had both shrunk. My oncologist was very happy with the progress.

I started Opdivo in June. All scans have showed no new growth and no new cancer. The side effects are minimal. Overall muscle aches at times and some fatigue, but I can live with these effects.

Good luck to you and your husband. Battle on

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Welcome here.

As Jg suggests, Opdivo can be a powerful drug to arrest NSCLC.  Many are benefiting from it.  It is one of several emerging from research that uses the bodies immune system to attack NSCLC tumors.  Here is some interesting information on how it works.

I do not have experience taking Opdivo.  My active treatment ended in 2007, well before Opdivo's FDA approval.  Jg's results are typical of what I've read here and on other sites.

I hope your husband's treatment arrests his cancer.  You'll likely have more questions and this is a good place to ask them.

Stay the course.


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