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I have been thinking of DeanCarl and Gay for the past days Has anyone heard from them? They have given strength to so many and I hope that they are getting what they need from all of us. I wish we were all down the block from one another--instead of scattered all over. I wish we could just hold each other and go for a walk or cook a nice dinner. I just want normal--whatever that was. Pls PM me DeanCarl or Gay if you read this, just to say Hi. I pray that someday I can be of help to someone just as many of you have helped me.

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Dean dropped into chat last night. He's still waiting on his scooter and the VA is STILL jerking his chain (same stuff, different day - welcome to the government).

I believe that Dean and Gay are getting what they need from us - mostly a different focus, a view from another vantage point...and a whole lotta comedy! :roll:

Don't worry, Elaine. You'll go from the hungry caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly - it's a gradual change and then BAM!, there you are, flying... :wink:

You're part of the family, tonight's your night to cook and I'll do dishes, k? 8)


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I haven't heard from Dean, but I too am hoping he is doing well. Send some prayers and positive vibes out to him and Gay.

Elaine, whether you know it or not, you are helping others here. The questions and support you seek are ones that many others may be feeling but do not ask, so your voicing them helps those others as well. Plus there are those of us who feel so helpless to do anything to cure this disease, that in the act of help you and bringing you comfort, you in turn help us feel beneficial and less helpless. It is a giving circle. We all revolve around it, and at different times we serve in different roles, but we are all here in support on one another, whatever it may be.

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