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introducing myself jeannie55


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Good Morning,

I have been diagnosed with a 3cm mass in the left lung via an xray because of extreme pain in my rib area 5th July 17. Then i had a cat scan which confirmed cancer with mets. When i went to the lung specialist he said that it has spread into my ribs hence the pain. Yesterday i had a PET scan and now waiting for phone call to have a biopsy, apparently it is in a part of the lung that they cant operate on it so chemo and radiation is expected.This has come out of left field and of course as everyone would be devastated and still a bit in shock. I have a supported family and life partner which i am very grateful for. i am being positive and just taking 1 day at a time because that is all i can do as i don't know whats happening next, or even when the treatment starts how long it goes for like is it everyday for a few weeks or once a week or how long 1 treatment is 1 hr 2 hours 20 mins???? Everything at the moment is so unsure and a bit confusing.The other morning i had a huge melt down and sobbed for an hour or so, i find it easier to do this when i am home alone. I am doing things to distract my thoughts. It was hard telling my 2 adult children as like me they where shocked and devastated we have no family history of cancer. I am glad to be part of this support network however as i read until i know more i get confused with all the terminology as i don't know as yet what my cancer is or at what stage. Thanks 

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Welcome Jeannie!

I well understand the confusion.  I'm glad you found us because the thing that makes this forum work is each of us have been right where you are now.  Lung cancer almost always is a surprise diagnosis and accordingly each of us also completely understand your devastation and shock.  

On your initial post, I pointed you to lots of information that will take some time to digest.  It is good, however, that you take the time to read into your disease because knowledge is power and enables you to ask key questions of your treatment team.  My wife's critical question likely saved my life.

So you are in the right place and you've now got hundreds of experts on your team ready to provide support or answer questions.

Stay the course.


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Hi Jeannie,

Welcome! This site is a great place to get information and support. My lung cancer was diagnosed very early-- it was seen on a CT scan that I had for surveillance for an advanced, unrelated cancer. I'm sure that you'll be hearing from some folks on this site who are survivors of advanced lung cancers, who will reallly inspire hope.  I see that you already heard from Tom G. who is one of those people. Being positive and taking one day at a time as you are doing is wise. Also, know that occasional meltdowns are normal--you're in uncharted territory.

How long the treatments will take depends on what they are. I had concurrent chemo and radiaion for cervical cancer.  I had chemo weekly, and each session was several hours.  Raidation was 5 days a week. Each treatment was really brief, only maybe 5 minutes (not including getting into and out of a gown.) One day a week it took longer because they did X rays and made sure that the placement of the radiaion was correct. They're very exact! My course of radiation lasted 6 weeks, which is stanard for some treatments.

Be sure to ask lots of questions about your treatment plan and take notes.  Good to go in iwith a list of questions.  if someone can go with you for support and take notes, that's great. When you know what type of radiation and chemo are proposed, you can put it up here and ask for others' experiennce with it.

I know that this all be very disorienting! Hang in there! I wish you all the best.


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Thank you Bridget, i have my partner or my daughter that will be coming with me to treatments, which i am grateful for, yes Tom has replied to my intro. How did you feel after 5 days of radiation? After chemo can you just go about your day or are you needing to rest for the day? 

Sometimes i read info about lung cancer  and get an overload and just have to shut down the computer, and yes once i know my exact cancers name i can then just reach that.

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