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Ricks Friend needs some advice..


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Hello everyone, I am needing to get some feedback on this. A co-worker / friend is going through this and I want to help out with information.

Can you guys help me out....

My Mother is down to 80 lbs and says she can't eat. She says her gums are too sore. Her legs have become so weak that she can't walk. This all has just happened this past week. Can we go to your website and see if these are common symptoms and what can be done at this point?

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ry's suggestion is probably right on. Make sure you keep updating the doctor and make sure he knows of the problem. A feeding tube. then after that, others have suggested megace (to stimulate appetite) and there are drugs that should help coat her sore gums.


prevention advice:


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My wife had SCLC and only lasted a couple of months from diagnosis

She could not eat in her last weeks and they used a pump to feed her in intensive care. In the end she refused any more tubes and died the next day ,after 47days in the hospital, of respiratory failure. I have lost 50 pounds in the months preceding my diagnosis of SCLC. I have had a "good response" to the chemotherapy but have not gained any weight. Tumors make chemicals and hormones capable of screwing up metabolism and there are problems with digestion, constipation and swallowing. Everything tastes off and smells odd. With chemo, I lived on Slimfast and soy powder drinks, gulped down as medicine. Because tumor cells can be spread out like carway seeds in rye, it is hard to tell if they are there, but symptoms linger on.

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Rick, I don't know anything that can be of help to your friend, I'm sorry, will just say some prayers.

Dan, I see the post above was your first, and I hope you'll come back and write often. This is a very caring group, and a good resource for information and supoprt. I just sent you a private message (PM) to say "welcome" -- I'm hoping you have good news from the results of your scans soon, and that you'll share the news here with us.


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