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A nodule


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My name is Ernest Matthews,  I am 61.  They called me Monday and told me the CTScsn showed a small nodule on my lung and wanted me to get a PET Scan.  I got a PET Scan this morning and I am scared.  I know its only 1 nodule but should I be this worried.  I dont know the size they just said it was a small nodule.

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Hi, Ernest,

Lung nodules are not always cancer--they can be scar tissue from an infection or other causes.  The PET scan will help determine whether there is suspicious metabolic activity--cancer cells are hyperactive when it comes to using glucose, so the PET scan will show the nodule as "lit up" if there is cancer, and it may also show whether any cancer has spread.  The PET scan isn't foolproof, and you might need further tests, like a biopsy, to determine whether it's cancer.

I know it's scary, but try not to get ahead of yourself.  If it IS cancer, and it's a very small tumor, it may be quite treatable.  I just had the upper left lobe of my lung removed for a small nodule that turned out to be cancer.  I had the surgery on July 10, and I'm feeling great.  I don't even have to have chemo--just periodic scans to make sure everything stays happy.

Hopefully you will get the results soon and you will get good news.

Welcome, glad you found us.


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