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I have been taking Caltrate 600+D for a few months (my calcium is low -- probably because I cut out CHEEEEEESE :wink: ).

Anyway, I'm not crazy about all the ingredients in the Caltrate -- lots of artificial junk (Yellow #6, Gelatin, and the dreaded "Particially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil", just to name a few...)

Can anyone recommend a NATURAL calcium supplement that is around the same dosage (I don't want a mega-pill).


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Hi Heather,

I found this site that sells Herbal Suppliments. I searched for Calcium Citrate (which is the form that is suppose to be the easiest for the body to absorb) and there are quite a few options.


Calcium Citrate from Now Foods has the same 600 mg Calcium and 100 IU of vitamin D and 300 mg magnesium (D and Magnesium are required for calcium absorbtion)

Calcium Magnesium Citrate by Solgar has 1000 mg of calcium and 500 mg magnesium, but no D

Twinlabs has a chewable wafer "Calcuim Citrate Chew" that has 100 mg Calcium 500 mg magnesium and 400 mg Vitamin D.

All three of these appear to have minimum non-organic additives. No unnatural colors or flavors.

The website lets you view the packaging descriptions and the ingredients of each suppliment.

Hope this helps some,

Good luck


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