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Husband starting a clinical trial next week...


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After two first line treatments + 10 rounds of radiation didn't work, my husband is starting a clinical trial in Boston next week.  Keytruda + AMG820...

Has to do a massive screening first with CT scan, labs, brain MRI, more biopsies, etc...then we will have to be in Boston (2 hours away with no traffic...there's always traffic) on days 1, 2, 5, 8 and 15 of every 3 week cycle.

Nervous, hopeful.

In the meantime, he's felt better than he has in ages after stent placement.  Tumors are growing though...

Cancer blows.

Loads of love to you all.



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I'm happy to hear that your husband is feeling better with his stent! You are right on target with your statement that cancer blows...sorry you two are having to battle this thing called cancer.  I am hopeful for the clinical trial - had he received Keytruda in one of his other treatments?

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Yes he did (keytruda+carboplatin+alimta)...and I questioned why we would use it again considering it had no effect last time...but apparently the AMG820 is supposed to encourage the keytruda to work better...hopefully faster...

I hope you're doing well Steff...


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WOW, I am so happy to hear that there is another treatment possibility for him.  I wish you and your husband the best in this new part of your journey.  Maybe you can get books on tape/cd/etc to make the long trip a bit more bearable?? Take care!

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Many hospitals have very reasonably priced "hotel-like" rooms for folks undergoing outpatient treatment that requires an extended stay.  Call the trial hospital and see if they have this form of accommodation. Moreover, there is the Boston Hope Lodge that provides reasonable accommodation pricing for cancer patients and family members.  Here is the link.

I hope this makes the process easier for you.

Stay the course.


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