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Anyone using the Lung Cancer Vaccine, CIMAVAX?

Mike Monaco

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I am a member of another health forum due to also having an autoimmune disease, so I routinely read of other illnesses to expand my knowledge base, cancer is one of those that I always read about since it touches all of us in one way or another.  Anyway, there seems to be quite a few people who are using the Lung Cancer Vaccine developed in Cuba to keep their Cancer in remission.  It seems quite easy to go to Cuba and purchase a year's worth and bring it back into the USA, totally legal.  Anyone here using it?  I ran a search and nothing came up, so seems like perhaps not, but thought I would ask just in case.  Thank you.

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Hello, I have the same question as Mike. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer a week ago - they're still in the process of testing to determine her stage, but the doctor seems to think it's Stage IIIB or IV. She also has psoriatic arthritis. Has anyone in this forum taken CIMAvax with an autoimmune disease? If so, where in Cuba did you purchase it/doctor did you see, etc. And, how are you using it here. Thank you. 

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Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your mom.  You are in good company here, there are lots of us who are looking for answers for our loved ones.  Secondly, I don't recall seeing anyone using CIMAvax on these forums.  Everyone here is using traditional lung cancer treatment methods.  I'm not familiar with CIMAvax nor it's true effectiveness.  I'd like to refer you to LUNGevity's Lung Cancer 101 webpage.    Here  you will find accurate information on your mom's lung cancer (once you know the type she has) and approved treatment options available. 

Take Care,


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Forum Members,

Full disclosure, CIMAVAX was introduced to our forum in January 2018.  The Cuban developed vaccine is in clinical trial at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Here is their information about the trial, eligibility, and note the FAQ for availability now or travel to Cuba to get the vaccine.

Stay the course.


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