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ROS1, anyone?


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Happy Friday,

I've been told (and Google agrees) that the gene mutation I have, ROS1, affects only 1-2% of lung cancer patients.

I wanted to see if there are any folks with ROS1 on this forum - out of curiosity regarding treatments and their journey... 

Thank you as always.


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Welcome MB,

I saw your post addressing a similar subject sometime ago.  I don't have any gene mutation that I know of.  My biopsy was in 2003 and in that time, gene mutations were not known about.  Therefore, I was hesitant to respond to your post.

Anyone on the forum  diagnosed with adenocarcinoma ROS1 gene rearrangement please give a response to MB.

Stay the course.


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I didn't think you had any gene mutation - none I've gathered from your articles and postings.  Thank you always, though, for your response :)

Given how rare it is, I didn't expect (still am not) anyone with ROS1 on this forum, but then there always is "you never know".

Trying to stay the course 😁


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