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Worried I have LC.


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To start I have not been diagnosed with LC, but I believe I do have it. 

To start 4 years ago I developed a cough along with shortness of breath. The cough is at most times productive . I have had many doctor visits and tests in these 4 years. I have had two chest X-rays and a ct scan without contrast. All tests came back clear. The shortness of breath comes throughout the day and I feel a hard time taking a breath. The cough is persistent. I also sometimes feel a burning pain in my lungs. 


I have smoked maybe one cigarette my whole life and I am 31 years old. Just the other day I started having blood in my phlegm and more pain in my lungs. This has been going on for over 4 years! I also notice bone pain in my left arm... does anyone have any insight here? And ever seen someone with tests like mine being clear only to be diagnosed later?? Any help is much appreciated, I no longer have insurance so I can’t keep going back to the doctors 

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Hi Worried,

It could be lung cancer, it could be a lot of other things. Definitely it's ot normal to have couting and shortness of breath. And blood in phlegm isn'g a good thing. Not having insurance is also not a good thing.. I recommend seeing a pulmoologist to get to the bottom of this. And, by the way, although smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer, non-smokers (like me) can get it too. All that's necessary is lungs.  Best of luck and keep us posted.

Bridget O

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No i have not had a pet scan. I just quit my job so I currently don’t have insurance , but the blood in my phlegm is making me worried. 


Also the last time I was at the pulmonary dr. He dismissed me after the ct scan came back clear and tried sending me to a allergy doctor even though my cough and shortness of breath was still present 

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