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alectinib and pneumonia


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My mom is on immunotherapy, so a bit different, but it's not uncommon to have pneumonitis with immunotherapy. My mom has had what was thought to be pneumonitis once and now had pneumonia believed to be caused by immunotherapy.  She has had to take treatment breaks in order to receive high dose steroids. Luckily, even with the treatment breaks,  her cancer is still stable. From my limited knowledge of alectinib, I believe that pneumonitis isn't all that uncommon either????

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Yes, once it is cleared up. Immunotherapy is working well, so we all have decided to continue treatment. Should the side effects become worse or pneumonitis continually persists, we will then consider another type of treatment.

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Pneumonitis is unfortunately one of the possible side effects of Alecensa. I have been taking the drug for 16 months now and have not had this problem however if you check out the Facebook group Alkpositive.org I am certain you will find others who have and will be glad to answer any questions for you.

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