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going to second lobectomy in January 03


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I have a very good friend that had a R lobectomy about 17 years ago. then 5 years later another tumor on the Left .  It was biopsied and was a different NSCLC.  

She had a lobe removed again.   Would you believe 3 years ago she had a new tumor.  This time at her age and history they told her they would treat it with radiation..

No more surgery.   

She is still here with us .  

Donna G

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In 2017 I have the first one in the right then 2018 second one in the left different from the first one,

hope everything will be going well during surgery and after.


Is your friend on oxygen?

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I am sorry to hear that you need to have another lobectomy. I had a VATS lobectomy in September 2017 (removed lower left lobe) and then in October 2017, I had my upper right lobe removed with a thoracotomy. I had chemo after that. My oxygen has been fine and I don't have many breathing issues with three lobes unless I get a cold/cough. Then, I use an inhaler which helps, as needed. I hope all goes with your surgery. Do you know if it will be VATS or a thoracotomy? How is your pulmonary function with the four lobes you currently have? How is your health in general? I believe these are all factors that contribute to your recovery! Let me know if you have any questions.


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