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I have had NSCLC with brain mets for 7 years. I have had a fairly good quality of life so far. It's a bit confusing because I have heard some really harsh news in the doctor's office over the past 7 years, yet, I keep pressing forward. My first diagnosis I was told I had a tumor in my right lung. Then a few months later they found brain mets. I did many WBRT treatments and had some of my lung removed. Then I got a lot of chemo. Then for 4 years I had nothing. 2 years ago everything came back. I had some lesions in my right lung and in my brain. More chemo and SRS. Although, this time I was told I would always have chemo for the rest of my life. 

A few months ago they found more lesions in my brain and some more growth in my right lung. I started yet another chemo and WBRT. I know it sounds devastating but I am still thinking very clearly and my quality of life seems good. I feel tired sometimes, but I am still pretty active.

Does this sound like anyone else?

I often wonder what the end times will be like and that scares me. I know I have surpassed many survival statistics. Sometimes I think that my cancer is present but just very weak and or slow.

My doctors are always hopeful and tell me they will keep fighting for me. 

I hope I live for many more years.

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Wow! What an inspirational story. I’ve had a lot of recurrence but no brain mets. I’ve known survivors who’ve had one WBRT but you are the first I’ve encountered with multiple treatments. And, that is a very good experience to share on our forum. 

So I say, good for you and I hope you just keep wondering what the end time is like while enjoying the good life. 

Stay the course. 


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I'm happy to read your story, too!  Of course, not happy you've had to go through so much rigmarole, but glad you are still feeling reasonably well and enjoying life.  I know your experience will provide a lot of hope to others.  

Glad to have you here with us!

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