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Sounds crazy, but then why not?


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Hi Everyone,

I came across this article - yes, it does sound crazy to me, but then if you were in this man's shoes (doctors sent him home with 3 months to live), wouldn't you try anything and everything?


If it interests you, you can Google Joe Tippens, Edmond OK where you'll find his FB page & blog.


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Hey MB- 

Good to hear from you!  Thanks for sharing.  I think Hope posted a similar article a few months ago so it’s interesting to read about the update.   How ya been? 


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Hi Michelle~!

Thanks for the hello 😘 I've been doing well - except for the cold I got a few weeks ago (first one since the diagnosis in Dec'17!), scared the crap out of me, but I got over it well (whooray).  Had a CT scan last Friday, they saw a 3mm nodule, but told me not to worry (LexieCat said the same thing), so I'm not worried at all (soooo lying through my teeth 😜)

Hope you're well/doing as well as you can and good luck on today's scan/MRI.  Hugs~🤞🙏


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