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  1. Hi Susan Welcome to our group! I was a competitive rower before my diagnosis. I would wake up at 4:30am be on the lake by 5:45am to watch the sun rise & bald eagles eat breakfast. I rowed 10-12k in the am, ran 5k at lunch. My doc thinks in about a year I’ll be able to manage longer distances. I’m slowly working back to 2k. Persistance, perseverance & patience is my framework. I have learned to accept that I can not compare my split times to my pre-cancer diagnosis. I set a new baseline & work from there. Listen to your body- if you’re tired rest. From my perspective- a little bit of rowing is better than no rowing. As for the 5k run- bleh- never could get the runners high so I don’t miss that part. I think the key is to keep your legs strong. You might want to try the boring recumbent bike (we also have recumbent trikes we found on Craig’s list) Short intervals could also work for you. Try walking for 5 minutes & running for 2-3 minutes then build. There are lots of peeps who return to their sport after the LC diagnosis. You will too! Michelle
  2. This is an Addario Foundation trial. Why not try contacting them directly? Here is the contact info: Kim Parham RN BSN Senior Manager Patient Navigation & Clinical Program Development 650-779-8286 (cell) 650-598-2857 ext 208 [email protected]
  3. I’m not familiar with either trial. However there is a really good Lung Cancer Living Room by the Bonnie J Addario Foundation on YouTube that provides an overview of clinical trials & the strategy in development & selection. It’s about 2 hours & worthwhile. One of the survivors described herself as a clinical trial junkie having been through six. Keep us posted. Michelle
  4. Thanks for the update Golfman! Keep it up- only a few weeks away to tee-time!
  5. Hello, I'm sorry the triple combo hasn't been effective. It's hard in "mutant land" to know what the most effective treatment is given the options that are available (which is overall good news-the fact that there is more than one option). I'm an Alkie mutant and I can share with you what my doc's guidance has been when there's disease progression as it pertains to clinical trials and chemo. Our first option would be to exhaust the "nib" inhibitors then go to clinical trials with chemo as the last resort. The idea being that some of the clinical trials have breakthroughs where there could be access to more effective treatment faster. It doesn't mean that chemo won't work, just that the trial may offer a better alternative. I don't expect my doc to be on top of the clinical trials ( I don't see how they can with their work load). Right now for example there are over 200 ALK studies and a quick review of EGFR suggests there are over 900 clinical trials. Seems like that's too much to keep track of when the reality is 80% of clinical trials fail. So for my treatment plan, the doc would review the studies and make a recommendation based on my health status. A second opinion seems like a smart idea. Please keep us posted on what you decide. Michelle
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