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Happy Saturday .... certainly learned how much HYDRATION and drinking water helps in our quest.  Blood pressure has been running low and pulse has been so high.  You would think that after spending two weekends in the hospital getting fluids I would learn.  This past Thursday I had my week after chemo visit and again BP was way low and pulse was way high.  They asked how much was I drinking and what was I drinking -  ok - I have not been able to give up the morning coffee - I am down to about four cups in the morning - some days I can get away with one or two.  But Thursday I had four.  Right off to the infusion center and two bags of IV’s.  

Since then I have filled up my one gallon thermos - while I have not gotten through one gallon in a day - I have made it pretty far and feel totally different.  

They indicated plain water would be best but I have found that adding a few lemon slices enables me to drink more.

Enjoy your holiday -  hopefully putting this out there will help others with the same neglect on the hydration issue.  Anyone add anything additional to the water to push yourself to drink more????



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I had the same issue when I had chemo in 2017. Doc told me I was dehydrated and gave me 2 days to increase my intake or have IV fluids. I stocked up on Gatorade because I wanted nothing to with more IVs. Nurses also told me to avoid caffeine because it was dehydrating. Drink that water!

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Think of coffee not as fluid, but as anti-water. If you have to drink it (and I have to or think I do) try to drink 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee. It's kind of like switching from smoking to vaping-- it's not ideal, but if you can't quit it might be a better option. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, while I was having chemo, coffee nauseated me and so I couldn't drink it.

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