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I am new to the LC life. I wanted to know if there is a list of vitamin suppliments that I should be taking to use along with and periods without treatment?

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Hi Irwin-

I take supplements that were recommended by an Integrative Oncologist to optimize my treatment plan. I take six pills a day (called targeted therapy) to treat ALK Positive NSCLC.  ALK is a rare NSCLC gene mutation.  

I think you will probably want to find a good Integrative Oncologist (recommended by your oncologist) to co-ordinate the treatment plan. 

Heres what I’m taking:

Host Defense Mushrooms (Turkey Tail, Stamets 7 & Reishi)


Fish Oil

Wellavate’s Inflammatone 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Vitamin D 

Low Dose Naltrexone 


I also use acupuncture weekly to assist with fatigue.  

Don’t be discouraged if your oncologist isn’t gung-ho on supplements. Most doctors really don’t know much about them.  I had to really push for this to referral. Fortunately I am treated at a major academic center that had an Integrative Oncology Program. You will need to be cautious about any miracle cures promoted or people who are outright quacks.  

  This stuff isn’t cheap however priceless in my opinion as my Stage IV disease is stable. My oncologist is befuddled by the excellent response; isn’t too interested in the details and keeps telling me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. 


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