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Treatment plans and costs


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 When or if I get a treatment plan how do I know it is a good one?

Also.I am going to be responsible for 20% of the chemo costs..Are these new treatments going to be affordable for.a non-rich like myself?

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From what I understand, treatment plans are protocol based depending on the stage and other details of your case. The copayment you have depends on your insurance but if you can’t afford it there are usually ways to get financial help. Look into a social worker through your oncologist office, there is usually one to navigate any issues. The 2 in my docs office said just last week there is a way to find assistance for everything and they have been miracle workers. It all seems daunting at first but it always works out. 

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Yes- almost everyone will be able to benefit from standard of care treatment.  A financial navigator will be able to help determine your benefits- insured/underinsured/uninsured and where you can go for that treatment.  Also, clinical trials are viable treatment options that are of no cost to the patient.

I am on a clinical trial myself (for a different stage 4 disease) and it has saved my life. There are many later stage patients who are benefited as well as treatments- SOC and CT, extending their lives. 

Don't give up- seek out your clinic nurse, patient coordinator, nurse navigator, oncology social worker and/or financial navigator for assistance.



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