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Those who lost their true loves, hope your ok today


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Thanks Cathy. Yes, this day is harder than many others and I try to just ignore it.

I have 3 roses that my husband went and got for me on the last Valentine's Day of his life, and while he was undergoing chemotherapy.

I dried them and kept them.

I wish that happy memories of past Valentine's Days could comfort me, but instead they cause me only great pain and a reminder of all that has been lost.

I'm sorry to be a downer. :(

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Guest Ada's Jim

Thanks Cathy,

Today was a little sad for me - I have been doing OK, but there are ups and downs. Special days like Ada's birthday and Valintines day seem a little tougher. I check in on the board often - I don't have much to add - there is so much support for each other out there. I know Ada would want me to keep in touch - she loved everyone out there so much. During her 2 + year battle the board was a great support for her. My prayers and thoughts continue to go out to everyone.


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Jim and Peggy,

I'm sorry I know its hard. I just talked to my mom its been a rough week for her as well.. I hate cancer and what it has done to so many beautiful people. The day will be over soon and maybe the pain will subside a bit...

Those bad days seem to hit like a ton of bricks......

I think of you often Jim and hope you are beginning to heal.. I still have the poem that your beautiful Ada sent me, its on my fridge next to my dads picture and will be there forever. I tell people all about Ada when they read it...Her words are so comforting, they really are..

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