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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a discussion forum for those of us with the KRAS mutation.

With enough interest, I'm hoping we would start our own Summit like what ALK has done.

So, anyone out there with a KRAS mutation in lung cancer..this is the place. My specific mutation is KRAS G12D...There is some new research coming out but the latest research has only been for KRAS G12C...

Show your interest by responding.

Tom-Did I do this correctly??




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Hi Roz,

I'll be following your KRAS forum. I do have a KRAS mutation, but my cancer was 1A, so I didn't need anything beyond surgery.I'm actually surprised that they did the biomarker testing on such an early stage cancer. I'm NED now.  But I want to keep up to date on KRAS treatment because " you never know". 

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