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True Story

David A

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Laugh if you must!

Last evening I was in charge of making dinner, by default I guess. Having 8 year old here they think everything we eat is yucky unless it is spagetti or chili. So I make the wife and I a Chicken casserolle(right out of the shcwans box) thinking I'll make the kids some chicken nuggets, (right out of the Banquet box) Casserole takes about an hour to cook, and it is just about done when my namesake informs me he wants mac'n'cheese, so being dutyfuil father I give the dang kid what he wants(begrudginly). Almost done mixing it together and he comes out yelling are you trying to starve me to death, blah blah bla....... then runs and slams his bedroom door. So now I'm ticked and I have laryingytis(can't talk) so I can't yell, so I go running down the hallway to get him in my new slippers on the new hallway runner, somehow the runner trips me and I run head first in to the end of the hallway on my stomach like a runaway scud missle .

Scared the crap out of me, scratched my head and put a grapefruit size dent(hole in the wall).

Guess God is either telling me to slow down, or sharpen up on my drywall repairing skills!

Hope everyone gets a good laugh can send a picture of the wall if you want.

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