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new here need advice

Dear Sister

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My only brother was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is referred by his regular doctor to an oncologist for a appointment next Tuesday.  Referral paperwork says "malignant lung cancer".  He had a Chest CT for a breathing problem that showed a 2.8 cm soft tissue upper lobe malignancy and a left adrenal nodule likely metastasis.  I feel as if this is stage 4 but of course no one has told him anything yet.

Cancer is my foe and always will be it seems.  My only sister died of cervical cancer when she was 54.  I had stage 2b breast cancer when I was 50 (13 years ago) and now my only brother.  He has always been a smoker so I suppose we should not be surprised.

I am here to gain any information, ideas, references you might share to make this as easy for him as possible.  Thank you all in advance.

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Hello @Dear Sister   I’m sorry you are here and the troubles your brother is having.  The next step after an XRay and Chest CT is usually a PET Scan of the entire upper portion of your brothers body to see if it has spread anywhere else.  After that possibly a biopsy to figure out exactly what kind of cancer it is.  Hopefully they will be able to do genetic testing on it.  With that genetic testing there are many affective treatments for lung cancer that can be used to target its specific genetic make up.  There have been lots of advancements in the last five years and more every day to treat this disease.  The prognosis for even the most advanced cases is improving quickly.  You’ve come to the right place for support and answers.  You’ll be able to get more specific information once you know the specific type of lung cancer, any genetic mutations and stage.  


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Dear Sister,

What are the typical diagnostic tests for lung cancer. He’s had a CT. Likely, he’ll have a PET scan that will determine the extent of malignancies in the body. He could have a brain scan or brain MRI depending on PET results. This will stage his lung cancer. Then there will a biopsy to determine the type and perhaps subtype of lung cancer. 

I am responding on my phone. Go to LUNGevity.org and read Lung Cancer 101 for more complete information. 

Stay the course. 


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