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Needle biopsy done.

Robert  A.

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Took my wife yesterday for her needle biopsy. I thought it would be painful and would make my wife drowsy and tired but it didn't. The most painful part to her was where her IV was placed in her hand. We were at the hospital 7 hrs. The procedure was very quick about 45 minutes from when she was taken from the room to when they brought her back. The recovery was the longest with multiple xrays to make sure the lung wouldn't collapse. Overall a lot easier and less painful then I expected. We go back to the Pulmonoligist tomorrow hopefully the results will be in. Monday she has a PET scan and follow up on Tuesday, then we can figure out what's going on and start getting her what she needs.

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Great news.  It means the medical team did a good job managing the biopsy.  

Now a post recovery tip: there are breathing exercises to help with with repairing the lung tissue.  You can find them on YouTube: Andrew Weil MD 4-7-8 breathing.  Depending on your wife’s coughing spasms she can do whatever she can but the gist is inhale for a count of 4 seconds, hold for seven seconds then slow release for 8.  The nurses told me about this in the hospital & I do them twice a day for a count of 8.  When I wake up and before I go to sleep while I’m lying down   

Thanks for the update. Keep pacing yourself one day at a time.  



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