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  1. Welcome, you've come to a place of very friendly people with lots f knowledge to share.
  2. It usually takes about 2 days after the dose of Lasix before you see any change.
  3. My wife has been on Tabectra for 1 year this past June 18th. She had a scan on June 21st and will meet with the oncologist tomorrow for the results. The 1st scan showed her tumor had shrunk more than 50%, her 2nd scan showed continued shrinking hoping for more of the same tomorrow. She has been dealing with edema to the hands and feet but takes Lasix when it gets too bad. Walking helps also.
  4. My wife has been on Tabrecta since last June when it was just coming out. It had shrunk her tumor more than 1/2 after the 1st scan and another1/4 after her 2nd scan. She see her oncologist tomorrow and I'm sure another scan will be ordered and we'll see what's going on. My wife has had edema of the feet, legs and hand which the Dr. prescribed Lasix but only once in awhile, not to be taken every day only as needed. I hope it works for you as well as my wife.
  5. Maybe this will help. https://www.healthgrades.com
  6. When my wife was on Keytruda for about6 months and we found this article, I don't know that it answers your question. https://www.cancercenter.com/community/blog/2018/09/tumor-growth-sometimes-its-a-good-thing
  7. Welcome to the group. My wife has been on Tabrecta since June and has had very good results, even her oncologist is very pleased. My wife started on Keytruda which worked for awhile then they gave her Chemo which but her in the hospital for 5 days. When her oncologist visited her in the hospital she said there was a brand new targeted drug called Tabrecta she was going to try to get her on. Within a few days she was on it. See if your Dr. or yourself can get you on a program to help with the cost as it is very expensive.
  8. My wife has been on Tabrecta since June with occasional swelling. She takes Lasix as needed. Yesterday the 31st, she had a teleconference with her oncologist to discuss her latest scan. The Dr. said her tumor is continuing to shrink ( this is her 2nd scan since starting Tabrecta) so we will continue with this course. Her Dr. also said that her Albumin levels that were low have risen so that is why she is having less swelling.
  9. My wife was on Keytruda for 4 rounds 1 treatment every 21 days, after the 1st scan it showed her tumor shrinking. After her second scan it showed her tumor growing back bigger than before treatment. She was put on Chemo which put her in the hospital for 5 days (too strong a dose). The Dr. gave her a 2nd lower dose then said there was a new targeted medication that showed promise for her lung cancer. She has been on this medication (Tabrecta) a pill which she take 4 daily, 2 in the am and 2 in the pm since June. After her 1st scan August 28 her tumor had shrunk more than 1/2 to which the Dr. was very pleased. She will continue and will be scanned again in December. This just goes to show there are several treatments available so they need to find the right one for your Mom.
  10. When my wife had the triplet it took 2 days before she started feeling the effects, the effects lasted 2-3 days then she was back to normal. Her symptoms were laziness and aches. She slept a lot and her taste was affected. She used to love sweets but lost all desire for it while on the medication. Nothing tasted good expect cereal and bananas. I hope your effects are minimal.
  11. Welcome Heather, My wife was put on Tabrecta which is a pill. She takes 4 pills a day and it is expensive. The manufacturer of the drug can sometimes help you at a reduced or no cost. See if your oncologist can help you by contacting the drug company. It has helped my wife a lot and has shrunk her tumor more than half. Good Luck.
  12. Sorry Jack just saw your question, It went away on it's own.
  13. My wife also had lots of coughing. In addition to the mucus pills Gary suggested, her Dr. prescribed Brom/PSE/DM Cough Syrup.
  14. When my wife was on Keytruda she had similar problems with constipation so she would take stool softeners and would start taking them a few days before her infusion. She also developed Thrush.
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