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Back from the Pulmonologist.

Robert  A.

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Just got back from the Pulmonologist, we had hoped to have some results from the biopsy on Tuesday but nothing definitive. The Pulmonologist said he talked to the pathologist who thought that it was cancer. We will be getting a PET scan on Monday and  follow up on Tuesday perhaps we know more then. Needless to say we are bummed out. Now that it's looking more like we are in for a battle ahead we are trying to prepare. This is all new and a lot to process so I have a few questions. In the worst case scenario we have to go through extensive treatment, we have insurance but who knows how much out of pocket money we have to pay out . We are not wealthy so are payment plans available to those who have gone though this? Many things are going through my mind and since money seems to make a difference in everything can someone be denied treatment for not having the cash immediately?  Thanks and apologies if I posted this in the wrong category.

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Hi Robert,

I’m so sorry you are having to go through all of this.  The diagnostic process sends all of us reeling even though it’s hard, now is the time to try and slow down not getting ahead of yourself.  I remember thinking upon diagnosis we were going to be bankrupt, it was terrifying.  It didn’t happen.  My worry was needless.  

Go into the Blogs tab on this site. You will see a heading under “ Managing the Insurance Mayhem” Tom G & I collaborated on. It’s an insurance 101 & lung cancer. 

The short answer is treatment can not be denied for lack of payment.  Once your wife’s diagnosis & treatment plan have been determined you will meet with a social worker and financial person.  The hospital staff will go out of their way to ensure affordable treatment. Don’t sign anything from the hospital that would hold you financially liable.  

If the commercial coverage is through an employer, it’s not a bad idea to reach out to Human Resources, they are there to help and will honor confidentiality.  

After you read the Blog let us know if you have any further questions about insurance.  We’re here for you. 

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