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Why the ILSC (Hope Summit) is so important

Tom Galli

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In February 2004 when diagnosed with lung cancer, I went from being a happy and engaged participant in a satisfying life to a frightened observer of life with little control and no hope. I remember feeling alone, ashamed and afraid. Alone and ashamed because those in local cancer support forums treated me like I didn't belong---"I gave the disease to myself." Afraid because my survival probability was worse than bleak. Some survivors like to say I'm a Jurassic Era survivor; my diagnosis proceeded new and effective treatment methods, the establishment of the LUNGevity Foundation, and the Hope Summit.

Now well after the Jurassic Era, we have this special place where lung cancer survivors and caregivers can gather and receive massive infusions of hope: The International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference (Hope Summit). The conference is informative and interesting, but the power of the conference is The Gathering. It is an assembly that celebrates life. It proves no one is alone, casts out shame, and replaces fear with information and hope. 

Get back to a satisfying life. Join us in Bethesda in April. Here's the link.

Stay the course.


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