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immunotheray keytruda


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My husband has started keytruda imunotherapy for liver cancer stage iv 2 weeks ago and after a week he has had numerous side effects, lasting until this very day .. it's been 10 days .. and feeling pretty miserable most of the time. side effects are extremely tired, abdominal pain, itching, nausea. he has not been able to do normal activities like cooking, dishes, .. some days his fatigue is so bad that after taking a shower he needs to lie down ..  

did anyone  have the same experience with the first treatment..? i am very worried because the doctor said that if results are positive he could be on keytruda for 2 years.. but if these side effects persists it will be very difficult to continue.

i would truly appreciate to know if others had a similar experience?


thanks, Maria 


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Sorry no one has responded to you yet. They will....so keep checking back. Read thru older posts, I know this subject has been discussed many times.

I have yet to have Chemo or radiation yet but that will change soon, and I will come here to get advice and strength. This is a great forum and it has made the last month or so much easier for me to deal with.

Anyway...welcome and be patient. You will get responses.



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I have been on Keytruda and Alimta for stage 4  lung cancer for a year am one of the lucky ones that have had few side effects. During my chemo I'm also given other drugs to help with any nausea. I do get fatigued and bloated for 4-5 days after chemo, but I am able to function fairly normal.

I know this doesn't help how your husband has reacted to Keytruda, but let's hope it gets better with time.


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