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Update, scans and waiting


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Just a quick update from my recent scans. 

My CT continues to show the same gradual growth of the "spots" in my lungs (most of them are on the right side). So the largest "spot" is about 3.5 centimeters and there are many although much of the lung is normal.

No brain METS-thank goodness! 

I continue to be in "wait mode" for a Phase I trial. It looks like it could be in about 3-4 months. We'll see.

I will have more info when/if I get into the trial. 

Just wanted to let everyone know since many of you have been following along with my journey.

Best to everyone,



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Hi Ro!

Great to heat from you!  Glad to see the brain MRI was clear, that’s a relief while the little monster isn’t causing too much difficulty.  I keep praying for the clinical trial to kick off sooner rather than later.  I suppose one bonus is you won’t have to do a therapeutics wash out and you show sail through the trial requirements.  
Hang in there we’re rooting for you! 

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