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Hi, I'm new here!!


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I am Ginger, I am new, but an old survivor :))


I'm inquiring about lung nodules, I keep getting them, they grow and disappear; I've been biopsied and they want

another biopsy, because they do not know what they are, well, one is back 23mm. I only have one lung left, love to

hear from anyone about this? Thank you, hugs, Ginger


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Hi Ginger. I'm also a person whose body makes nodules and/or cysts all over. I lost several teeth as a young woman (76 yrs. old now) due to cysts forming under the teeth in the gums., had a huge ovarian cyst, have cysts or nodules on my right kidney, had nodules on my thyroid, one of which became cancerous and had my thyroid removed. Let's not even talk about the cysts in my breasts, and I've had breast cancer twice, 11 years apart. My lungs have many small cysts. Some disappear, but one was biopsied and was NSCLC and I had the lower right lobe removed and they found another nodule inside that was at first diagnosed as SCLC, then found to be a rare neuroendocrine carcinoid. No treatment beyond surgery for either one, luckily. Now I've been having 3 month CT scans to follow one particular nodule, a groundglass appearing one and they say that is indicative of malignancy. But when I saw my oncologist last week she said that she was "concerned" but didn't want to do a biopsy since it's size and location might make it difficult to get a good reading. So one more CT in 3 months and then maybe another biopsy. I can't have anymore lung removed, though, as I also have COPD and asthma, and they say I would not be able to breathe. So I don't know what options I'll have if it is cancerous. It's also on the right side, in the former middle lobe, which is now referred to as the lower lobe. So I totally sympathize with your predicament. Your nodule is bigger than mine have been, and that may be why they want a biopsy. I wish you the best outcome! Mamma Om

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I'm a 16-year survivor of NSCLC. I had a pneumonectomy and after tumors metastasized to my remaining lung, had additional infusions of chemotherapy and finally precision radiation (CyberKnife) to eliminate the tumors.  I have a long history of CT and PET scans and lung nodules come and go during these scans. I put together a spreadsheet to track these nodules based on analyzing the radiologist scan report because my phantom nodules mostly occur in the same location.

Most lung nodules are not cancer. Here is a link to the Cleveland Clinic explanation for Pulmonary Nodules that I've found helpful.

I can't advise you on your need for a second biopsy. If it were me, and if my medical oncologist thought the nodule was suspicious for cancer, I'd have another biopsy or a PET scan to confirm metastatic activity. Here is a link where you can find more information on a PET scan.

Stay the course.


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