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EGFR turned into small cell. Similar cases/resources?


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Hi all,

What are some small cell communities out there? For clinical trials and medical info, I'm using pubmed/lungevity/memorial sloan kettering.  Would also like to hear if anyone here also has EGFR turn into small cell and what their treatment/clinical trial journey has been like.


My dad is stage 4 EGFR exon 18 and after 8 months we discovered it has turned into, at least partially, small cell. We're on Afatinib (targeted for EGFR) and cisplatin + etoposide (for small cell). Thankfully, nothing at liver and brain. Lung, a lymph node, and a rib are the sites with lung the primary tumor and tiny nodules at the other sites. Dr said that clinical trials are difficult because EGFR ones usually exclude small cell and vice versa. We just started our first cycle and I'm hoping we can contain this as long as possible. 

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Hi there,

I’m sorry your Dad has had this experience, according to the GO2FOUNDATION, EGFR small cell transformation is supposed to be very rare, however this is the fourth time I’ve heard of this in the last six months.  An expert at MD Anderson indicated the course of treatment is both for small cell and non small cell simultaneously.  You might want to reach out to the GO2FOUNDATION as well. They have a list of curated EGFR experts (ie Dr Oxnard at MGH). 

Thanks for keeping us posted.  

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