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FYI: Pnemunia vaccine


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I wanted to mention that since lung cancer patients are suseptable to developing pnemunia, it might be useful to ask your doctor about getting the pnemunia vaccine.  

In my state, CA, insurace approves it for 60+ age group as well as patients with chronic lung disease. 

I do not think it will be useful for the covid-19 virus. However, in the case you catch a cold or get the flu, it will lower your risk of developing pnemunia. 

Just got mine, side effects are not bad. 

I hope this helps 


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Before my lobectomy in Dec. 2019, my primary physician suggested I get the shot prior to surgery, which I did.  I ended have a reaction to it and was sick to my stomach.  But I will still get the 2nd one next year.  Best to take all available precautions  ...

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