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Any long term survivors here, 10 years and more from diagnosis?


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Yes I have a number of side effects from treatment that still bother me.  Taxol toes from too many Taxol infusions (18) total. Lesions that form in my scalp that is a residual from Tarceva, a targeted therapy I was given before doctors realized it wouldn't work on Squamous cell. I also have chronic pain along the right side of my body from three thoracic procedures performed within 4 months to remove my lung, and repair fistulas (leaks) in my airway. I also suffer from chronic low blood levels of magnesium. This causes muscle cramping and despite taking 1,000 mg per day, I am still bothered by cramps.

But, when all is said and done, I prefer life to the alternative so I am thankful.

Stay the course.


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14 year survivor here, surgery, chemo & radiation. 

The main issues I still have is nerve damage around my scar and I get muscle cramps that feel as if they are in my ribcage, not sure if its from surgery/treatment or just being older and out of shape. 

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