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Enhancing Effects of Immunology


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I was wonerding if there are any actions that we can employ to help with increasing the effectiveness of Keytruda? Also, is there anything we can do or not do, to minimize or avoid,  potential side effects.

I read somewhere that NSAID's like aspirin, and healthy gut bacteria help. I believe the gut flora is linked to the immune system. Does anyone have any information about this?

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Did you know that Dr Weill developed a fellowship for physicians?  You can find an Integrative Medicine doc in your community at: 


I found one that is board certified in Integrative Medicine locally.   Most of them take insurance now.  While some don’t, I found its a great investment.  

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I have always believed in the power of love and faith to heal. I have found prayer to get me through some tough times, as well as the love and comfort that a companion animal, friend, or spouse, can offer. Aromatherapy, nutrition, and productive physical / mental activities and interests, as well as music and meditation can heal / strengthen the mind and body as well. These are all integrative components that I believe have helped me. I also feel that I can  now add this friendship / collaberation  that we have evolving between us to that list too. Thank you

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