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Bias in Plant Based Diets

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A healthy diet is hard to define. It is even more difficult given the bias for those who set and establish dietary guidelines. I found a fascinating paper ,scholarly written, that details the history of plant based diets and how they rose to prominence in our society. 

Lung cancer patients are encouraged to eat a healthy diet. Does that include a strict vegetarian diet? This paper suggests concern about the efficacy of a vegan diet and good health. Clearly, the best recommendation is to follow the guidance of medical professionals and registered dietitians. 

Stay the course.


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This is really interesting.  It is a challenge to find a healthy diet since it seems like things are always going in and out of style.  I did try this once to see if I could figure out which foods caused inflammation.  The author believes that even "healthy" foods can be inflammatory for some people and each person needs to use a process of elimination to figure out what the right plan is for their body.  But the meal plan at the beginning to get your body balanced was too much for me to stick with. lol

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