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Small Cell Lung Cancer - Immunotherapy or other options - running out of time?


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Hi All,

I have a friend in his mid 70s who has small cell lung cancer. He has tried Chemo but it was not effective and did a bit of radiotherapy which helped to reduce some of the cancer. Last option, he tried Immunotheraphy for several months but then stopped it because of side effects of inflammation in the lungs. The cancer is growing and he has been given a couple of months to live and has been advised to prepare for the inevitable.

Radiotherapy was a possible option to try again, but can only be used if chemo worked to reduce the cancer and his inflamation of the lungs healed. Sorry, but I don't really know all the technical terms for this.

He is functional and active, can cook or wash his own dishes, walking but not far and can still think clearly and has shaky hands. He has shortness of breath if he walks too much.

I watched videos, and it seems that immunotheraphy has been successful for people and I was hoping if there are any other options of immunotheraphy or are they all the-same. If one causes side effects then will all do the-same? It was a clinical trial immunotheraphy in Australia.

I may update this question, once I have more information.

Any help or suggestions, appreciated!

Thank you.


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So very sorry to learn of your friend's diagnosis.

Small cell lung cancer is the most aggressive form of our disease and your descriptions of his response to first line treatment is not unusual. Immunotherapy is being given in the US to treat small cell lung cancer. This hyperlink summarizes the types of immunotherapy and the circumstances for treatment of small cell lung cancer.

Side effects vary person to person and from drug to drug so I have no basis for offering an opinion  on how they might affect your friend.

Small cell is a very hard disease to arrest and your friend's treatment experience and progression is not unusual in the US. Suggestions? If Australia has a hospice care system, I'd take steps to enroll him in that care. I'd also suggest investigation palliative care either alone or in combination with hospice to ensure he remains comfortable and functioning throughout the remainder of his life. Here is a link that provides more information on these treatment methods.

Stay the course.


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Thank you for your replies!

Does anyone have any recommendations on other options - herbal, diet, etc. from experience or they know personally from others that help combat lung cancer or help prolong life?

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