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EGFR exon 19


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Hi all,

My oncologist called me with the news that I have the mutation EGFR exon 19. He wants to start me on Tagrisso. We will meet with him next week to fully discuss side effects and all the other details. 

I'm ecstatic! Am I justified?



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Hi Jenny,

Ha.  Welcome to the mutant club!  You will also find a vibrant EGFR community on Facebook (Lungevity) and the EGFR group.  EGFR is one of the most “common” mutation.  

You might also want to check out the book by Diana Lindsay, “Something More Than Hope” a long term EGFR survivor.  

Tagrisso has a good track record, there are some side effects but they will be very manageable.  

Carry on! 

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Hi Jenny,

I got the exact same call today—EGFR mutation and to start Tagrisso. I was excited, too, it felt like good news in this sea of uncertainty. 

@Rower Michelle You always have such good advice. I’ll be checking out the Facebook group, too. Thank you!


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