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What can people tell me about neuropathy??  This started for me about three weeks ago and the frequency appears to be increasing.  At first, it was just a tingling and some numbness right under the left breast but now every once in a while the pain is more stabbing.  My lower left lobectomy via VATS was about 10 weeks ago.  Could this be the nerves healing?  How long will this last?  It is not so bad that I need pain medication but just the way it seems to be getting more frequent and more noticeable.  Thanks for any insight.  

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I have surgical neuropathy. I had a conventional thoracotomy and they needed to re-enter my chest 2 more times to repair a non-cooperative bronchus stump. So I have lots of permanent nerve damage. It is painful all the time and it gets worse when I'm agitated. It also becomes very painful if I get abdominal cramps. I've learned to tolerate the pain but I do get relief if I can submerse myself in a pool up to my neck. The buoyant effect of water neutralizes gravity's pull and that eases the pain somewhat. My wife applies lidocaine patches to the incision scars when things get tough or when the pain makes sleep difficult.

I've been living with this symptom for nearly 16 years and while not pleasant, it beats the alternative.

Stay the course.


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Thanks for putting some perspective on this, Tom. My pain is not as severe or as persistent as yours and I’m sorry that you have to deal with it on a daily basis.  Your attitude is always a blessing and a teacher! I’m hoping that this pain that I’m experiencing will eventually subside - it is a small price to pay for life.  

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I have developed chronic pain in my left upper extremity and my right hand. Keytruda and maybe pressure on the left brachial plexus bundle. Ughh Any worse and I am not sure I could stay the course to be honest. Not if there was no hope for a remedy in the future. I suppose that hope for better days is what makes many like me, keep going....


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