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Hair or Not??


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Ok, the plan calls for me to start Topotecan tomorrow. Once a week for????? My question..........am I going to lose the lil baby hairs I JUST STARTED GETTING!!!!!!!! I swear it is a conspiracy to keep me from getting hair back!!!!! I know one of the side effects can be hair loss but I wanted to hear from some of my sisters and brothers here what they experienced.

God Bless,


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Guest It's Fay A.

Can't answer this one, Mo, but just want you to know that I'll be keeping my toes crossed that you get to keep your own hair. (not crossing the fingers or eyes these days, as whatever magic that may have held in days past is now DAYS PAST! :wink: ) So crossed toes it is! It will mean walking funny, but hey...you're worth it. :)

Fay A.

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