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Covid and me

Lisa Haines

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I had now added the story to the BLOG area thanks to Tom's suggestion -- 

You can find it here - and I think I will plan to update it as time goes on and we see how things go throughout the Fall and Winter!



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Great blog post, Lisa! I can definitely relate. Of course, everyone's situation is unique but this pandemic has screwed with every one of us in the lung cancer survivor/patient/caregiver community. I'm trying to be grateful that I have the financial resources to focus on my health right now--that I don't have to worry about healthcare coverage or paying my bills--that's an additional whole layer of complication many have to deal with under current conditions.

I have no family in this part of the country--most are in Colorado, 2,000 miles away. I'm so very grateful my daughter has been able to come out here to help and support me right now. I'm early in treatment so no clue at this point whether my treatment will remain on course.

My own favorite activities--before and after my first diagnosis in 2017--are all out of the question right now: concerts, theater, and travel. I remember thinking and saying, after my trip to Morocco in 2015, "If something happened and I was never able to take another trip, I'd be OK with that"--the trip was that good. Since then I had another amazing trip to Vietnam in 2018, as well as tons of incredible concert and theater experiences. I'm not sure if my finances will allow quite as much indulgence whenever going out is possible again, but I'm sure glad I did those things while I could. 

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Covid has been so difficult in many ways for us all -- and that's not to mention those who have had Covid and lost their life to it or to the families who have lost loved ones.

 I HOPE every day we'll soon have viable and safe treatments or a vaccine for all -- but I admit, I am not going to be one of the first to jump in line for a vaccine.  I want to know it's very safe, effective and has limited side effects.    How will it work for those have been on Immunotherapy, those are my concerns and I think those answers will be unknown for a long long time.

   Best wishes to everyone to get through another Winter with Covid and hoping this will be the very last one we have to go through?    I also hope very much it's not as bad as some are projecting.  

     Take care and be well....


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