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How I got rid of a telemarketer


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I shared this in Chat a few weeks back and thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

I received a call from AT&T a while back. It was bad enough that she interupted my supper, but when I tried to tell her that I was not interested she continued to ask WHY. She then ask me if I didn't like to save money and how AT&T was the best deal.

By this time my supper was getting cold. I told her nicely that YES I liked to save money. Once again she told me how AT&T was the best deal and that I could save money.

My reply to this was, " Mam I like to save money and that is why I am not interested." Once again She ask "why not."

My reply to this was, Mam I don't even have a phone. I then hung up on her.

As I hung the phone up my grand-daughter said, "Papaw you told the lady that you were talking to on the phone that you didn't have a phone."

Humm...wonder how many people this poor lady calls that does not have a phone.


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Guest it's Fay A.

I like to tell them that I'm 49 and ugly and in ill health with a house that is falling down around my ears in an abusive relationship with criminals living next door and a car that needs all kinds of repairs with hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit card debt and a recovering drug addict that has slipped off the recovered side who has children who only call when they want something......and they hang up on ME! :D:D:D

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the last one I talked to, I asked "did we call you" they anwered "no" I said "then we obviosly aren't interested and please don't ever call back."

All that in my laryingytis voice. I used to be polite to telelmarketer, becaause I ws taught to be polite on the phone, no more I don't give them the time of day, they are right up there near mosquitos for me,

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I pulled this on a telemarketer one time. When ever you call any company now, you get a laundry list of what bitton to push to get whatever department you want, or just stay on the line and someone will answer as soon as possible. Since I usually end up, in that case, holding for five minues or longer, I decided to pull this on a telemarketer one time. When I answered the phone they asked to speak to David (which is me, of course). I said please hold and I will get him for you. I laid the phone down. I checked 45 minues later - guess what, they were still holding. I picked up the phone and asked who they were waiting for, and they said they wanted to speak to David. I said, "I'll go find him, please continue to hold". 45 more minutes, guess what, they were still holding. I then hung up the phone. Funny, I haven't got another call from them.

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Boy, you guys need to get on the 'Do Not Call List' We have had it here in Pennsylvania for some time and it really works.

However, you can't put businesses on it, I don't think. My boss is unendingly polite. He keeps saying thank you but I'm not interested. If they don't hang up, he just puts the phone down on his desk.


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