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Hi everyone just joined up, my wife has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer adercarcinoma EFGR in 2019 about Dec.We live in Auckland New Zealand, have 3 Children 17,16,12. She has bone Mets in her upper neck spine hips and needs to wear a neck brace for support. She has been on the drug Erlotinib but just recently a new growth on her lung has gone from 2mm to 7mm in 2months and seems to have gone resistant to the drug. The next generation drug that can help is osimertinib, but unfortunately is not funded in NewZealand and would cost our family approx 10,000 per month. My question is anyone else in a similar situation and how have your dealt with it.? I love my wife very much and want to help her as much as I can. 

kind Regards 


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I am also on osimertinib (Tagrisso), which for me has been very effective. Yes, the cost is very high, but Astra Zeneca has a financial assistance program, AZ&Me (https://www.azandmeapp.com). If you qualify, AZ will cover the entire cost of the drug. The assistance is renewed annually. Your wife's oncologist should be able to help you apply. Or simply call AZ for more info. I hope you do qualify and that she can begin the more effective treatment.

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Welcome here.

I'm very sorry to learn about your wife's cancer developing a resistance to Erlotinib. Judy's suggestion is a very good one, and I do hope Astra Zeneca makes available the new therapy. While contacting AZ, check also with your national health officials to ensure they will provide supportive care for side effects and complications that may result from this new therapy. I'm recalling similar situations from survivors in Canada and Great Britain where new therapies were made available, but administration and treatment for side effects was withheld because the treatment was outside the scope of the national health system.

Stay the course.



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I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear of your plight,  you didn’t mention how old she is.  I can only give you a suggestion on the financial side.   Try doing a face book “go fund me page” lay your story out there.  I wish you all the best as it is a situation no one wants to be faced with.  Keep us updated.  

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