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Air Purifiers

Katie Lyons

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Hi everyone, Katie here. I am recovering from a RUL lobectomy on 11/20. Stage 1A so far pending path for lymph nodes. I need to purchase an air purifier for my home and was looking for recommendations. I’ve been researching for 2 days and reviews are conflicting. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks 😊

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I understand the need to buy an air purifier and in fact made that investment several years ago. I found the most significant generator of dust and other pollutants was my forced air heating and air conditioning system (HVAC). I had a central return-air intake in an entry hall that allowed a 1/2" thick filter. Despite changing it frequently, it did not limit the amount of dust in our home. We invested in a new return-air plenum and installed several return air ducts throughout our home. This new plenum allowed us to install a filter that is accordion-folded and about 6" thick. We change it every 6 months. This dramatically removed dust in our home. An additional benefit is hardly any dusting of furniture is required.

If you have a forced air HVAC system, using a room-sized purifier will have little effect.

Stay the course.


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Hi Katie.  I had a RUL lobectomy about 18 months ago.  I also have return air duct plenums like Tom.  I change those filters out every three months.  I purchased a humidifier/air purifier. Dry air was rough when I was recovering.  Here is the one I use.  I change the filter on this monthly.  


Good luck with recovery.  The first few weeks are rough but you’ll start getting back quickly.   

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