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Hello. New to Lungevity


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Just wanted to introduce myself. I found out on Mothers day 2020 that I have stage 3 Adenocarcinoma. Because of Covid 19 I had to find out alone. That was very hard on me. Since then I've had chemo, radiation and now doing immunotherapy.  I feel pretty good most days. I'm starting to get some joint and muscle pain, is this normal? I get new scans done on Monday to see if the cancer is shrinking or spreading. Feeling a little anxious about it. 

Well I hope you all can help me out with my questions and let me know how you are all handling your cancer.

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Hello Trish.  Glad you found us .    I had stage 3 B  NSCLC .   I started treatment with 2  chemo  drugs and dailr y radiation . It

was a long time ago so perhaps you have something we did not have back then.   I had some nausea , loss of appetite  and very tired.

I also got neuropathy from the Cisplatin but I am still alive so I think it was worth it.   You might say your drugs so we will know

if we had the same . Keep us posted ,  best wishes to you

I was able to shrink the tumor and did have surgery and more chemo.

Donna G.  

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Welcome Trish!

Not a very nice Mother's Day for you, I'd venture. I remember my lament of feeling good some of the time during treatment. Immunotherapy is a God-send. So many have had very positive outcomes, even with stage IV disease, even with brain tumors. I really hope your treatment takes hold. You didn't mention your mid-course treatment scans. What did they show? Improvement?

I send this for the new folks. Perhaps it will help.

Stay the course.


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Hi Trish and welcome. Those side effects are our nemesis when it comes to cancer treatments. Can you please name the Immunotherapy you are taking so we can answer your question?  Also how often is your treatment before the scan?  i wish you luck with your next scan and please do not hesitate to post the results so we can follow your progress.

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