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How to calm nerves before appointment?


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My mum was a meeting with her team on Monday about her treatment. She's going to have chemo, but it'll be discussed in more depth in the meeting. I'm scared that the doctors will have some other bad news or that they've found something else. I'm scared that they'll be negative and say that the outcome is poor. My mum's cancer has reccured. From what we know she's been told that it's fairly small. 

I know that my mum will be around for more than a year though as her orthopedic surgeon rang. He read her notes and said that he's going to book her for surgery next year. My mum asked him if she thinks that she'll be around for that long and he said of course! He said that she should stay positive and from the notes they're going to start her on the most standard chemo and if needs be switch it to stronger ones. The orthopaedic surgeon was really lovely and lifted our spirits. I figure that if they thought that my mum didn't have a chance or long left, they wouldn't bother giving her knee replacement surgery especially as it's a long recovery. 

How do you deal with appointments? Do you still have nerves? 

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Hello again,

We understand your concern and fears.  We've gone through them ourselves.  I see this was posted on the 13th, but I don't recall seeing it earlier.  All of your emotions are normal (if you can call anything about this disease "normal") and I can only repeat some of my earlier counsel.  Every time I find myself worried about the future I stop and remind myself that I really don't know what will happen and that my worrying about it now won't change a thing.  Then I focus on what I have today, take time to be grateful for all I've been given and understand that life always has its good and bad times.  
I don't meant for any of the above to sound fatalistic.  I am anything but that.  Rather, I've learned that I manage to deal better with whatever the situation is if I can accept what I cannot change and work hard to change those things I can affect.

I  hope this helps you out a bit.


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