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Chemo all done for now


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Hi Everyone- Just came home from the oncs office. Will have a two month break from all treatment and let the body heal. The last scan showed a small plural effusion which hopefully will abate on it's own. It truly is a good day for me after two long years of treatments. Hope this monster has left for good. Thanks to you all. Carlton

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Congratulations on your chemo "Break"! Enjoy your "feel good" time to the max. I am looking forward to my chemo break soon.

Keep an eye on any new symptoms and report them to your doctor as soom as possible. Sometimes things pop up that you don't expect. It happened to me on my last "break" and they put me back on chemo after only 4 weeks.

Here's hoping for the full 2 months of being treatment FREE!!!

Have fun!


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Hi Mary Anne The last two scans showed no growth of tumor the tumor is the same as when first diognosed. The last scan after finishing taxotere showed all lesions in the liver are gone, As i mentioned all that showed was a small plural effusion and hopefully it will abate on it's own. so onc. said we will take a break and let the body heal. Hope this clarifies what i said guess i was so excited i did nort explain properly. And thanks for asking. Take Care Carlton

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