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Hi there , happy Friday! I’m fresh into month 2 of my targeted therapy and things are going really well. I just received my 2nd COVID shot on Wednesday and noticed Thursday morning that  2 lymph nodes on my neck that were pretty much gone by day 5 of of my pills had popped up again. Not even close to as big as they were but noticeable to be me as I feel my neck every morning.  I have a call in with the nurse and she’s going to run it by my dr but just thought I’d see if anyone had anything similar. 

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2 hours ago, ChiMama said:

I had some swollen lymph nodes after my second shot, too. They resolved after a week or so.


Hi Chi, were your lymph nodes cancerous? Mine are and it has me stressing as they were shrinking.

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Hi Sheila,

Cleveland Clinic actually released an article explaining why lymph nodes can swell after receiving the vaccine and why it is a good thing.  It can be found here.  I agree with your doctor, relax for now, keep an eye on it and let's see what happens.  It would be a shame for you to stress over something that really does appear to be very closely tied to your receiving the vaccine.


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