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Carbon Dioxide Toxicity

Judy M2

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As lung cancer strikes more and more healthy younger people, the article below got me thinking. I've always thought that environmental factors are the culprit, and the urgent call for research in the article is well-founded. 


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Interesting! Now that I've had 3 separate cancers and not a lot of cancer in my family except for my mother who's also had 3 different cancers, I've been wondering if I lived on a toxic waste site at some point.

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I remember the old days (1970s) commuting to NYC in buses with no AC in the summer. Windows open and traffic would stop dead in the Lincoln Tunnel. In those days, gasoline still contained lead. Add post-9/11 exposure, and I don't wonder why I got lung cancer. 

If you're in the NY metro area, be very careful of the wildfire smoke coming your way from the West. That stuff is toxic too. 

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