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Unable to get a diagnosis, large nodules

Tom H.

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Unable to get a diagnosis-4 years with growing 2.7 cm lung nodules MD states probably cancer but warns tumor sampling may result in lung collapse. 

Hi All, I am 66 y/o with COPD and emphysema, I have bilateral upper lobe growing nodules that the Pulmonologist  has scanned with CT's and PET scans since 2017.  Nodules are large 2.5cm and 2.7cm and growing and one is spiculated. MD is very hesitant to sample for cancer warning of 90% chance of lung collapse.  I have chronic bronchitis, short of breath, taking all kinds of inhaled steroids to manage symptoms.  So now I am left with deciding do I do a percutaneous lung biopsy or bronchoscopic biopsy?  Both may kill me, so my doctor says.  Or do I let it go and take my chances and continue with CT and Pet Scans?  Does anyone know of any other way to get a diagnosis that is safer and won't kill me? 

Any advice is welcomed at this  point.

Thank you,  Tom H.

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Hi Tom - Lou and Michelle gave you some great input in the other thread.  You have many other things going on that complicate your situation and are undoubtedly adding to the reasons your doctor doesn't want to do a biospy.  I had a CT guided needle biopsy that resulted in a collapsed lung - It resolved by the next day.  I would ask for the liquid biopsy or *something* to know what you're dealing with because the option of "letting it go and taking my chances" wouldn't work for me.  And I would get a second opinion (which I always do anyway).

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